Feb 08 2008


Published by Carolyn Thompson

Home Buyer Services

Our goal is to help the buyer obtain the finest property at the lowest price,
with the best terms.

Finding Real Estate Deals

We have the technology, experience and connections to find investment opportunities for clients seeking single family home, multi family properties, commercial properties, vacation properties or raw land.

We have a proven system for finding buyers great deals.

Expert Real Estate Negotiation

We know what motivates sellers to take lower priced offers.  Our offers are low offers are consistently accepted.  Listing agents like working with us.  We have a reputation of being fun to work while we are getting the deal to closing.  Other agents look forward to working with us.  This means that they are going to be more likely to accept our offers.

Real Estate Closing

Our agents know how to get a deal closed.  There are many hurdles from offer negotiations to closing.  We help clients through the entire process finance, home inspection, renegotiation, appraisal, insurance, utilities and closing.

Home Seller Services

Our goal is to help the seller obtain top dollar with the best terms,
in the shortest time possible.

Home Pricing

We perform significant research prior to recommending a sale price for a property.  This includes homes currently listed and homes that have recently sold in the area.  We scrutinize the similarities to the subject property, property conditions, original list price, sold price, seller assistance to buyer, and days on market.  This is the same information that appraisers use to determine the appraised value of a home.  We’ll tell you the highest price we think that you may reasonably get for a property. 
Property Preparation

Our skilled team will assist in determining whether repairs or improvements should be made.  We analyze the entire property, inside and out; making suggestions that will have the most appeal to the customer.  We know that these tasks can be overwhelming.  We have people who are skilled in creating miracles.


Our superior marketing system gives your property maximum exposure.  We have a proprietary system for contacting agents who are working with buyers that are interested in properties similar to yours.  Leaving nothing to chance we post your property on the multiple listing services, place a prominent sign in the yard and advertise heavily on the internet. 

Your property will be advertised on websites such as, Realtor.com, Home.com, Homes Database, Washingtonpost.com, Trulia, Zillow and Craigslist.  We recognize the value in marketing and have purchased Featured Listing Space and Enhanced Listing Services on Realtor.com 

Offer Analysis

We scrutinize each offer to make sure that all documentation indicates that the buyer is ready, willing and able to go to closing.  We interview the lender in an attempt to confirm that they have actually verified the information that will qualify the buyer for a loan.

Our extensive finance backgrounds help identify red flags, such as buyers with questionable buying ability.  Buyer fallout can be extremely costly.  It is better to work with a well qualified buyer from the beginning.

Expert Negotiation

We keep abreast of the current market conditions for each area that we are serving.  This helps us determine how hard we can negotiate. We work with buyer’s agents to understand the buyer’s needs and motivation.  This helps us fetch top dollar for our listings.  The key to negotiation is knowing what truly motivates all parties.  Without this information it is difficult to achieve the highest offer with the best terms for our clients.

Negotiations can include the sales price, seller assistance, property condition, settlement date, rent backs, and much more.  A clear understanding of limitations is essential.


We close deals.  There are many hurdles from property preparation to closing.  We help clients through the entire process property preparation, repairs, cosmetic work, cleaning, staging, marketing, offer analysis and acceptance, home inspection, renegotiation, appraisal, utilities and closing.

About Us:

Real Estate Search and Sale, LLC is comprised of real estate professionals who have over fifty years experience in research, marketing and negotiations. 

Each agent must have significant experience prior to being hired by our company.  All agents must document their continuing education, which demonstrates that they are keeping abreast of constantly changing real estate laws.

In addition to providing traditional real estate services we also provide bank owned property services and assist with short sales.

Mission Statement:

We will serve with integrity, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.
We will be learned, kind and respectful.
We will be accessible and supportive to those in need.

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