May 19 2008

Agent Real Estate Bethesda

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 9:29 pm under Agent Real Estate Bethesda

Looking for an agent that knows Bethesda.  Get one that specializes in what you are looking for.  Does the agent know about the newest condos that are for sale?  Does your agent know how to get you a deal?

You have searched the local multiple listing service (mls) and don’t have enough information to make an informed decision.  You go to the first real estate office you see to get additional information on Bethesda homes.

 The “top realtor” behind the desk gives you the information that you wanted and tells you that she would be happy to show you some properties.  You eagerly agree. 

 You see some properties that you like the real estate broker has now shown you several Bethesda MD homes for sale.  You sit down to write the real estate contract.  The first document she hands you is a buyer agency agreement.  It commits you to paying her commission if you purchase the home that you just told her you wanted. 

She assures you that the commission is paid by the seller.  You sign the document.  At that point she starts going through the remainder of the real estate contract.  It appears as though these are legal terms that she is seeing for the first time.  You find yourself sitting there for hours as she labors through the documents and makes recommendations and changes her recommendations. 

 You find yourself writing a deposit check for a surprisingly large sum, made out to her company.  You are a bit concerned and ask her when you are going to have the home inspection.  She informs you that this home is being “sold as is” and that she does not recommend a home inspection.

 You ask her if there are other Bethesda homes for sale.  She says she does not know, but she can look them up.  You back out of the deal and say that you are tired and want to go shopping on another day, but you are not sure when.

When you free yourself from this “Top Bethesda Agent” you ask yourself, why if she was such a top agent, was she sitting around waiting for a customer to come in.

If you want an agent for your real estate investement in Bethesda then look for someone of authority. 

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