Apr 16 2008

Grab An Agent For Your Real Estate In Bethesda

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 12:08 am under Agent Real Estate Bethesda

Grab An Agent For Your Real Estate In Bethesda and get your house sold.

 My phone is ringing off the hook with agents who are presenting multiple offers.

I don’t know how long this trend will last, but don’t get left behind.  Take time off work and get your property ready.  If you can’t do it, bite the bullet and have someone do it for you.  This may be a limited time offer that no one buyer can control.

The agents in Bethesda can’t control the market, but we sure can work with it.  The best we can do is get our clients out there to place offers on properties before everyone else realizes that there is a mini buyer’s market going on.  It may last a week.  It may last a month.  Tough for anyone to predict. 

My experience dictates that if it stays for an entire month it probably won’t die suddenly.

 Email or call if you need advice on what your property is worth or who you can call to get it ready.  Everyone knows that the Agents at Intellagent Realty work around the clock to find your real estate deals in Bethesda,  but you can’t always reach me by phone at 3:00am.

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