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Jun 11 2008

Comission On Common Ownership Communities

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Montgomery County Maryland has a Commission on Common Ownership Communities.  It is designed to help the owners as well as the association boards and managers work together to build better communities through education and conflict resolution.

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May 30 2008

Maryland State Department of Assessments

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An email was sent this afternoon to the Maryland State Department of Assessment. 

I placed a formal request for the criterion for assessing a property.

I was told by the Montgomery County Property Assessment Appeal Board, a “non partial” entity that the only criterion they were aware of is that the comparables have to be of properties sold within that tax year.  There was no verification that the styles, condition, age or size was a factor.  I am not quite sure how the board can hear a case if they don’t know what the factors are for making the assessment.   This information came directly from the clerk of that particular Montgomery County board.

 I asked who made up the board and hearing members.  The clerk stated that they were individuals from different parts of the county.  Okay, this is nice that they are trying to keep things balanced, so my next question was what background did the hearing panel have to make a decision on reviewing my case.  Were they appraisers.

 No, the clerk stated that these people were not appraisers, but they were impartial individuals.   I think that I would feel better if the panel had some knowledge of property assessment, appraisals, fair market value.

 As a Montgomery County Commissioner, I am releived however to know that there are a lot of very intelligent, level headed impartial members on these boards.

 I was a bit anti governement as I felt that the government would do as it pleased.  I am pleasantly surprised to see very dedicated indiviuals volunteering their time and working for Montgomery County Governement.  It is especially tough for some government workers to have to work with demanding volunteers.  

 I am not confident that my case will have a favorable outcome.  My position on a committee will have zero influence on those who will hear my case.   The only advantage I will have is that the surroundings will be familiar and I have a vague idea of how the process works. 

On my commission,  The Commission on Common Ownership Communities there is terrific balance of individuals and professionals.  I am fortunate to be surrounded with such intelligence, expeience and dedication, as well as impartiality.  No one gets a break.  No one expects one and no one asks.    It is simply fair and honest with everyone doing their best to serve the associations and individual condominium owners.

My next email will be to the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection.  If nothing else, I am learning the workings of my local government inside and out. 

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May 27 2008

Intellagent Realty Services LLC

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Intellagent Realty Services was created to provide both property sellers and property buyers superior service with integrity.

 We tell it like it is.  Some investors want to hear that their property is worth hundreds of thousands more than the current market will bare.  There are agents that will tell you that they can sell it for more than they feel that it is worth and know that it is unlikely your property will garner what was promised and hoped for.

 The benefit to the Realtor is to get market exposure.  They are doing this at the expense of the customer.

We have a reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations.  We tell it like it is, because we want to work with clients that are educated and have realistic expectations.

We understand that it can be costly to sit on a home that will not sell at an inflated price.

Call us if you are looking for a reality check and want to sell your home today.

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