Jun 08 2008

For Sale By Owner Contract

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 12:00 pm under For Sale By Owner

We now have blank real estate contracts available for, for sale by owners, fsbo who have elected to sell their homes on their own.

 This is extremely helpful information.  It is not light reading, but read it a couple of times and it will gel. 

 If you are a for sale by owner, who takes the time to study the contract, you will have an advantage over most home sellers who don’t have the time to read the contact before they sign it.  You will have a better understanding about the various points of negotiation, then the home buyer. 

 You will also be better prepared if there are problems. 

 What do you do if a buyer exceeds a contingency date?  What do you do if they don’t have their home inspection on time or if they want something repaired, but the property is being sold as is.

 Since, you don’t have the advantage of a Realtor guiding you through the home selling process, this is a good tool to have.

We will post additional documents soon.

If you are a For Sale By Owner, don’t hesitate to drop us a note with your property information, so that we can pass it on to our readers.

Our readers beg for For Sale By Owner listing information.  Unfortunately, most investors know that you as a group are easy prey.

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