Jun 08 2008

Homes For Sale By Owner Marketing Tips

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 12:01 pm under For Sale By Owner

If you are selling single family homes for sale by owner (fsbo), how do you plan on having the buyer find it?

We have a free listing service for realestate for sale by owner.  We have a limited service agreement, that will get your home listed in the multiple listing service.  This is a limited time offer for Real Estate In Bethesda MD for sale, homes for sale in Rockville, Maryland homes, Virginia homes, for sale by owner washington dc.

If you need a real estate contract please note that we offer one on our main page.  There is no warranty offered with this contract and we recommend that you use a lawyer to review all legal obligations and contracts prior to signing them.

The use of a real estate agent or real estate broker can certainly increase your chances of marketing your home and getting it sold faster with fewer problems.  Real estate brokers have more formal education than real estate agents and have the experience to guide you through the sale process for your real estate in any area with the knowledge that has helped many other home owners.

 For this reason it is no surprise that most for sale by owners (fsbo-s) end up using a Realtor.  Most people who elect to sell their real estate for sale by owner could have avoided significant hassles if they had taken this route from the beggining.

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