May 27 2008

To Sell or not to sell

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 8:42 pm under Homes For Sale

Have we hit the bottom of the real estate market in Bethesda yet?  I think so.  There are certainly homes in some neighborhoods that are going to get picked last.  If you have one of these homes, then you may want to wait until inventory get sucked up a bit, even in the surrounding areas.

The real estate market in Bethesda may be great, but how many sales have been lost to other areas because buyers can get more for their money elsewhere?

There are still a few homes being sold on less then favorable sites, but at a drastically reduced price.

 Does it seem as though I am not forthcoming with my information?  This is becuase my client would like to get his Bethesda home on the market, but the value has already declined $200K from the peak of the Bethesda real estate market and it is tough to sell a home that has certain restrictions.

More commentary will be added to this post when the Bethesda home is listed and sold. 

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