May 27 2008

Intellagent Realty Services LLC

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Intellagent Realty Services was created to provide both property sellers and property buyers superior service with integrity.

 We tell it like it is.  Some investors want to hear that their property is worth hundreds of thousands more than the current market will bare.  There are agents that will tell you that they can sell it for more than they feel that it is worth and know that it is unlikely your property will garner what was promised and hoped for.

 The benefit to the Realtor is to get market exposure.  They are doing this at the expense of the customer.

We have a reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations.  We tell it like it is, because we want to work with clients that are educated and have realistic expectations.

We understand that it can be costly to sit on a home that will not sell at an inflated price.

Call us if you are looking for a reality check and want to sell your home today.

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May 27 2008

To Sell or not to sell

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Have we hit the bottom of the real estate market in Bethesda yet?  I think so.  There are certainly homes in some neighborhoods that are going to get picked last.  If you have one of these homes, then you may want to wait until inventory get sucked up a bit, even in the surrounding areas.

The real estate market in Bethesda may be great, but how many sales have been lost to other areas because buyers can get more for their money elsewhere?

There are still a few homes being sold on less then favorable sites, but at a drastically reduced price.

 Does it seem as though I am not forthcoming with my information?  This is becuase my client would like to get his Bethesda home on the market, but the value has already declined $200K from the peak of the Bethesda real estate market and it is tough to sell a home that has certain restrictions.

More commentary will be added to this post when the Bethesda home is listed and sold. 

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May 27 2008

Condominium Association Management

Published by Carolyn Thompson under Bethesda Condos

Okay, I knew very little about condominum associations when I purchased one of my properties a few years ago.  I assumed that since the local government oversaw the legal aspects that the association board was more a garden club.  Okay, maybe I thought that they worked with the management company to oversee contractors, but I did think that the majority of the work was done outsid the board.

Silly me.  I don’t want to mention the name of the association, as there are still friends there that are looking to sell their properties in the near future. I would like to list these properties.

 This particular association removed the trees which created my perfect wooded view outside my kitchen and bedroom windows.  In fact, they removed about 25 mature trees from all over the community.  These trees were not a hazard they were not diseased.  I asked them who recommended that they take the trees down and they said that tree company that removed them.

Did it ever occur to the conodominium association board to get an independent opinion?  Montgomery County Extension Agency would have done it at no cost.

 Well, it was at this point that I discovered that the board was not managing the site very well. 

I am in the process of writing a paper on how to determine the health of a condominum association.  It will be a must for anyone even considering the purchase of a condomimum, regardless of whether it is in Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Potomac or Virginia.  A Bethesda condominum can have just as much management trouble as a Rockville condominium.

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