Feb 25 2008

Selecting A Superior Real Estate Agent

Published by Carolyn Thompson at 11:55 pm under Real Estate Agent

If you want to find a home that fits your needs and personality and get a good price for your home, then find a Superior Real Estate Agent. 

Many home buyers don’t like to haggle and have a need to pay a fair price for the home- Get over it!!!  A fair price is what someone is willing to pay for the house.  Okay, it is what a buyer is willing to pay for the house when the buyer and seller are not under any undue pressure to purchase the home.

Consider the fact that your home is an investment.  A Realtor is an investment counselor.  It is their responsibily to help you make an informed decision about purchasing your home.   This decision should include reviewing comparables if they are available.

A real estate agent should discus both the current fair market value of a home and the resale value of a home.   Is the home your considering purchasing on a busy street?  Does it have off street parking?  Is it near a water tower, or power lines?  These issues WILL have an effect on resale.   Will the home sell in a slower market or will you be stuck with it? 

A superior real estate agent will help to determine the offer price for a home while  taking into account all other factors, including how badly you want this perfect home.  The agent will find out what terms are important to the seller and with your permission, customize the offer to suit the seller’s needs. 

 An often overlooked point is that the sales price may be less important than other factors, such as how soon the buyer can close or a seller rent back.

The real estate agent should encourage the buyer to obtain a home inspection from an experienced inspector; work with the title company to make sure that the abstract is done, there are no liens on the property and that closing will be performed as scheduled.

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