Apr 15 2008

Real Estate Trends In Mid- April 08

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Real Estate Trends in the Washington DC Metro Area, Mid April 2008:

 This week I have seen more multiple bids per property then single bids 4 to 1.  The highest number of multiple bid offers in nearly two long years.  The spike this week is probably due to the warm weather.  Not only are buyers out shopping, but they are out buying.  Contracts, Contracts, Contracts.

There are numerous properties going on the market in Bethesda, Washington DC and Virginia and there are still multiple offers.

 I am not overly optomistic that this trend will be sustained, but I think that there is good healthy movement.

 There have been numerous people trapped in mortgages they can’t afford or in houses that they can’t sell.  Thus preventing them from moving on to another stage of their lives.

If we could simply sell some of the homes that have to be sold this would take significant pressure off home owners, their families and the banks.  We could all use a little stability after this financial storm.

I will keep you updated as I see changes in the real estate market in Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Washington DC and Virginia.

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